UGSRC meeting with university management on fees increment

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The SRC met with the University management including the Vice Chancellor on the 15th of September, 2020 for discussions, particularly, issues relating to the increment of academic fees and measures that have been laid down for school resumption.

In addressing the SRC, the management told them that the pending fees to be paid by students for the academic year has already received parliamentary approval and thus binds on the university to implement, hence, making the said increment legal and its implementation due.

Upon further deliberations, the SRC proposed that the university maintains fees paid last year owing to the fact parents and students have encountered financial crisis amidst the current pandemic. This proposal however was disapproved by management on the basis that the fees have already been approved by parliament and as such must be complied eith.

The SRC however, has began extensive consultations and petitioned relevant stakeholders on possible absorption of part of fees for the next academic year.

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