CHASS dispel controversy on their call for review of Free SHS Scheme

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The Conference of Heads of Assisted Senior High Schools (CHASS) says it meant no harm when it called for a review of the Free Senior High School (SHS) policy after three years of implementation.

According to CHASS, their call was only to ensure that there was effective implementation of the policy.

The CHASS at its 5th Annual Conference held in Cape Coast last week highlighted some key challenges with the implementation of the free SHS and called on the Ghana Education Service (GES) and other stakeholders to consider a review of the policy to ensure effective implementation and positive outcomes.

It specifically mentioned how PTA activities were gradually dying in the schools and raised concerns over the quality of the buffer stock foods in the schools.

Their call had received several reactions from the government, and the general public.

However, addressing a press in Cape Coast at the weekend, CHASS President, Yakub Abubakar said the Association was expecting the government to sit down and dialogue with them to find solutions to the challenges identified.

“CHASS never meant any harm to any system and like we mentioned in our meeting, are not a partisan Association. We are only looking at issues and seeking redress as they should. This is exactly what CHASS meant and nothing outside it”, he stressed.

“We are there to implement government policy and for that matter, CHASS will at all times implement the policies of the government of the day”, he added.

In this regard, he noted, it was only fair for CHASS to be allowed to point out challenges with the policies for effective implementation to achieve a positive impact.

Mr Abubakar said CHASS recognised the efforts of the government to ensure the success of the free SHS policy and assured that the Association remained grateful and cooperative to work towards its sustainability.

He said CHASS was ready to sit and discuss issues with the government to find a way forward towards ensuring that the free SHS policy worked effectively for the benefit of all Ghanaians.

Speaking toRadio Universe, the National Secretary of Conference of Heads of Assisted Secondary Schools (CHASS), Kwame Owusu Aduomi stateed,

“We think the reintroduction of the PTA dues will contribute to the smooth running of the Scheme. The schools rely on these dues to complete a number of projects.”

Divine Kpe, Multi-award winning Educationist and Research Fellow at Africa Education Watch backed the review idea in an interview with Universe News:

“The Africa Education Watch understands the stance of CHASS and the stance of the Ministry of Education.”

“We need to go beyond the political sentiments that if we allow PTA to contribute to free SHS the opponents will say that the implementation is not being done properly.”

“We need some form of financial commitment, whereby parents are allowed to contribute to the education of their wards. It will help.” He stated.


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